#Laibach @ Entremuralhas 2015 #Leiria #Heritage #JiTT

The 6th edition of the gothic festival Entremuralhas will be held, as always, in the XII century castle of Leiria, between 27th and 29th of August, with Laibach as headliner. The festival is limited to 737 persons per day, so if you want to attend, grab your tickets quickly @ FadeIn.

I’m always looking for history based new media and products and that’s why Laibach first caught my attention with the EP 1 VIII 1944. Warszawa, a result from the invitation from the Polish National Centre for Culture to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, a major World War II operation by the Polish resistance Home Army to liberate Warsaw from Nazi Germany. After that, Marcos told me he had also bought the recent album Spectre, and I was sold. Some of my favorites are The Whistleblowers, No History and Eurovision. You can watch/listen some of those at the Laibach Youtube Channel. After a USA tour, Laibach is currently preparing a tour in North Korea, where they announced they’ll be playing some covers of Sound of Music.

Jo Quail @ Entremuralhas 2012 Stage Pena

As always, Entremuralhas will be much more, of course. It is an incredible experience being able to listen awesome music inside a medieval castle. There are always three stages, starting at the end of the afternoon: Pena (Sorrow), the ruined church inside the castle; Alma (Soul), at one of highest points of the castle and Corpo (Body), at the entrance and the biggest stage.

Parzival @ Entremuralhas Stage Alma 2014

Between the concerts, the city of Leiria has much to offer in terms of heritage that worths a visit. My recommendation goes to JiTT Leiria, a mobile app that works offline and designs a tour based on your location and time you have available to show you the most important points of interest. The contents (text and audio) are carefully created by historians, so you’ll have the most curated content while walking through Leiria. JiTT is freely available for iOS and Android.


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