#WednesdayBlog #Podcasts I Follow and Recommend

[Every Wednesday I’ll recommend one of the blogs I follow. Yes, I still follow the best of the best using a feed reader. You’ll be able to check the list @ this blog’s header.]

Exceptionally today, thinking many of you could be traveling for this week’s holiday, I decided to share not a blog, but the podcasts I follow (or followed and were good enough to stay on my archive list).

  • In our Time

    In this podcast, Melvyn Bragg invites three absolutely top-class academics to discuss a topic as deeply as possible, that can fall into science, history, culture, religion, etc. Actually, you can even subscribe each category separately in its webpage. Each weekly episode has 43 minutes and the podcast runs since 1998.
    Bragg also hosts the more recent 60 episode series podcast “A History of Ideas“, a 13 minutes discussion accompanied by a two minutes video animation, that you can check here.
    The five episode podcast “The Value of Culture” is also archived on my list.

  • A History of the World in 100 Objects

    This already finished podcast series uses 100 objects from the British Museum to tell the history of the world. Each episode has 14 minutes and you can check its webpage here. If you enjoy this format of learning through objects, you also have the 20 episode podcast “Shakespeare’s Restless World“, also presented by Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum.


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