#MuseumWeek starts today with #secretsMW

If you don’t use Twitter, it’s time to start. During this week, museums all over the world will interact with you, so be sure to follow #MuseumWeek. Today is #secretsMW day, so you can expect museums to share not so known facts about their collections, as well as to show you a glimpse of behind the scenes.

During the next days, several themes are prepared. Tomorrow, you’ll be invited to share your souvenirs and memories of visits with the hashtag #souvenirsMW, Wednesday will be all about #architectureMW, that will explore architectural heritage, gardens and surroundings of museums. Thursday will be the day for you to grab you smartphone and create and share for posterity with #inspirationMW. Friday will be #familyMW day and time to prepare a visit to a museum for the weekend. On Saturday, you can share your favourites with #favMW and the week will end with your poses, memes or selfies #poseMW.

The website of the initiative has more info about what to expect from this week and you can check there stats, participants and top contributors.

My only question now is where are the Portuguese museums? Of the 2207 participants institutions, only 3 are registered as being from Portugal (as of time of writing) and two of them don’t even have Twitter accounts (AFAIK).

Let’s hope Portuguese museums still catch the initiative before the week ends. Meanwhile, stop reading this post and head on to #MuseumWeek.


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