Adobe: All your data are belong to us #DRM

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Nate Hoffelder told us yesterday that Adobe is collecting data about the ebooks you read through the Digital Editions 4, which was confirmed by several other persons, including Ars Technica. Nate says:

Adobe is gathering data on the ebooks that have been opened, which pages were read, and in what order. All of this data, including the title, publisher, and other metadata for the book is being sent to Adobe’s server in clear text.

I am not joking; Adobe is not only logging what users are doing, they’re also sending those logs to their servers in such a way that anyone running one of the servers in between can listen in and know everything.

What is really disturbing is that Adobe seems not only to be gathering data on their DRMed ebooks, but also in other ebooks you might have in your hard drive.

Also disturbing is the response from Adobe to Ars Technica, that seems to address the security of the transmission, but it is not clear if they intend to stop getting data from ebooks that don’t have Adobe’s DRM.

Go to Nate’s blog to know more about this.

** Image by Matt Cornock CC-BY


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