The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes #PublicDomain ♥︎

In the 70’s there was a TV series called “The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes”. The episodes featured detectives that were contemporaries of Sherlock Holmes. Some of the short stories are in Public Domain, that’s why I can give you the links to those stories.

I’m considering the copyright in Europe, death + 70 years. This means that not all stories are in public domain in Europe.

Some of the titles are in Public Domain in USA, because they were published before 1923, others are in Public Domain in Canada and Australia because the copyright there is death + 50 years, but not in Portugal/Europe. So if you are in USA or your country has a copyright that is less than the copyright in Europe you’ll be able to find them on websites like Gutenberg, Gutenberg Australia or MobileRead.

At the end, I’ll give you a link to with the stories in AudioBook format.

The list (adapted from Wikipedia) gives the title of the story with link (if in public domain) + detective + author with link to Wikipedia.

If you detect errors, I’ll be happy to correct them.

Series 1

Series 2

If you prefer audiobooks, you can download them at from the The LibriVox Free Audiobook Collection. Volume 1 here and volume 2 here.




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