#MobileApp of the Week: JiTT, Your Personal Tour Guide to #Heritage (#Creativity #Innovation #EuroMACHS)

If you travel for business, you probably already experienced those situations where you have a free hour (or more), because you are waiting for the next meeting, because the meeting ended sooner or you need to wait to get your flight. And you probably already thought (as I did) that it would be great if you could know what is around you worth seeing or visiting.

Even if you travel for leisure, and you got your trip planned, you would probably like to know if there something interesting to see around the place you planned to visit. Or maybe you don’t like too much planning when traveling 🙂

Either way, you’ll need Just in Time Tourist (JiTT). Download the app at home, before traveling, or through Wi-Fi (the app is large because once abroad you’ll not need any Internet).


After that, just open up JiTT, tell it how much time do you have, if you want to return to the place you are or not and if you want to visit only exteriors, interiors or both, put your headphones on and let JiTT guide you through the city. JiTT designs a route taking into account the info you gave it, the opening hours of the places (if you choose interiors) and the public transportation, if you need it.

All of this is done through audio. You can still listen to your music because when arriving at the locations, JiTT will stop the music and will start to tell you all about the place you’re seeing.

The best feature of JiTT is that the content is carefully crafted by Historians, so you can be sure of its high quality and accuracy.

The apps are created by iClio, a company created by former EuroMACHS‘ students, with the aim of meeting the growing demand for high quality content by creating products which provide a gratifying experience tuned to the capabilities of new devices and media channels.

You can find JiTT for Android and iOS in its beautiful website. Right now, there are guides for Barcelona, London, Rome and Paris, in several languages, but more cities are on the way. Already considered one of the best touristic guides for smartphones, JiTT is the new investment from Portugal Ventures.

So, if you’re traveling don’t forget to take JiTT with you. You’ll never know when you’ll have a couple of hours that can turn your (business) trip into an unforgettable experience…


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