Remember: #DRM is never good news

DRM locks Books

If you like to read ebooks, you should read this post, get scared, then read the update (both from the Nate Hoffelder’s excellent blog), then think.

So, the story goes like this: Adobe decided to upgrade their DRM and to force everyone (ebookstores, app and device makers) to do the upgrade by July 2014, meaning that lots of readers would not be able to access the books they bought, anymore. Adobe’s clients (ebook stores, app and device makers) made some noise, so Adobe decided to “revise the migration timetable for customers“.

Nate starts his second post with “good news”. It is not good news. Moving the problem forward is not good news. Sooner or later, you’ll loose your DRMed ebooks, because sooner or later DRM companies will change their technology. And doesn’t matter if we talk about Adobe, Apple, Amazon or Google, because none of these companies will take you into consideration unless they expect you to give them more money.

Demand DRM-free ebooks. And while at that, tell European Commission you don’t want DRM (deadline 5th March 2014).


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