My answer to Mrs. Gallo #STOP #ACTA

Mrs. Marielle Gallo gave an interview where she says:

Nous sommes censés représenter les citoyens, mais comme ils sont occupés à autre chose, nous sommes censés réfléchir à leur place !

Translation by La Quadrature:

We’re supposeed to represent citizens, but since they are busy with other things, we are supposed to think for them!

I find quite disturbing that a member of European Parliament thinks that citizens cannot or don’t want to think by themselves. So, I decided to tell her exactly that:

Mrs Gallo,
I have read your interview [1] and I don’t have words to express how shocked I was when reading your answers.
Nevertheless, I want to say something to you because I feel there is a misunderstanding here.
You are NOT supposed to think for ME. Actually, you are NOT supposed to think for any European citizen.
Your job is to represent the citizens. Representing the citizens means that you have to hear them, you have to know what they want. And after that, your job is to defend what citizens want.
When citizens are fighting ACTA on the streets, they are NOT “busy with other things”, they are telling politicians (you and other people like you) that they do not want ACTA.

Finally, I find quite offensive when you say that European citizens don’t understand ACTA. I’ve read ACTA text. I know exactly what it is there. More than that, I know exactly what it is not there. Citizens are not dumb, they can understand exactly what is at stake here.

I do not need anyone to think for me, I am quite capable of doing it myself. So, please, don’t do it. It is NOT your job.

Paula Simoes
An European Citizen

[1] –


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