Book Shops and Old Book Stores I found through Amazon

Rikhard Fsoss asked for a list of book sellers on G+, but I decided I could do the list here, this way I can add other sellers and maybe it would be useful in the future ūüôā

I bought books from this sellers mostly through Didn’t try to buy to them directly. Some of them have bookstores that I would like to visit.

Cold Tonnage Books РMore directed to online selling, specialized in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Ghost Fiction. I bought a most exquisit book from them that I will tell you all about it in a future post.

Halcyon Books – We bought a book for Marcos from this book store, but after seeing a picture of the bookstore (on their website) and after knowing they sell second-hand, rare, first editions, Records, CDs and sheet music, this is one that would worth a visit. If you’re in London, they¬†currently have a sale on in the front room of the book shop offering thousands of second-hand books for just ¬£1 each!

Astley Book Farm РI bought a book about rare books from ABF and with it came a bookmark with an incredible picture of the store, so I had to go to their website. This is one I would like to visit too.

M. Godding Lda Books РI bought an old book about Jane Austen from them. They have a website with interesting editions of some of my favorite writers.

World of Books – I got several books from WoB, mainly very recent ones. Some of them used, some of them new.

Black Cat Books – I bought a catalogue of first editions of CCC, it was not very cheap (considering it was a catalogue), but I couldn’t find it anywhere else, so it was worth it.

Awesome Books РI bought several books from this one, too.

Zardoz Books – I found this online store when I bought two of the books written by Ellery Queen as Drury Lane and November from Simenon.

I usually avoid USA sellers because the package can be retained¬†by customs. In this case, I usually use because the book goes from USA to UK and then to me. It’s takes more time, but at least there is no problem with customs.

I once bought a book in from a USA seller, though. It was a present for my husband. He makes music and he loves Lewis Carol’s Books. I knew there was this book called Alice in Orchestralia (it was renamed Alice in Music Land in later editions, I think), but I wanted the 1925 edition (for a reasonable price, of course ūüôā ) and could only find it from a USA seller.

I must say that I found Book Depository through, too. But I didn’t like to buy from them directly.

Although I don’t like Amazon much, I must admit I have some confidence buying from other sellers through Amazon. My contacts with sellers are great, they are very nice and they solve any issue¬†promptly. Maybe it’s because you can give feedback and rate the seller on, but the fact is my overall experience is very, very good.

This list is not complete, but as soon as I have more time I’ll add the others with whom I had a very positive experience.¬†Some of the book sellers don’t have website, but they sell through Amazon, Alibris and AbeBooks.

When I realized the sellers at Amazon came from small or old book stores, I started to make searches and I even found a booktown (Scotland) or two (UK).


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