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HarperCollins changed its e-book policy recently. Libraries that buy e-books from HarperCollins will be able to lend those e-books only 26 times. After that the e-book is dead.

HarperCollins says that this number is sufficient for a year of lending. Several librarians are reporting that many e-books check out much more than that.

But consider what HarperCollins says. Do you think that libraries should buy the same e-book every year? Do you think they are able to do this?

Consider physical books. We know that e-books can last longer than physical books, but do you really believe that physical books in a library only last one year?

Is this fair to libraries? Is this fair to readers?

I have several books from HarperCollins and I was making the AC’s fac-simile Collection and the AC’s Graphic Novels Collection, both from HarperCollins.

But I will not buy any book or e-book from HarperCollins until they start to respect libraries and readers.

I urge you to do the same.

There is a small widget that you can see at the side column of this blog. It links to HarperCollins open letter, which have lots of insightful comments from readers and librarians.

Feel free to use it, spread it or put it on your own blog.


One thought on “This blog boycotts @harpercollins – widget/badge

  1. Everywhere I look these days HarperCollins name seems to be mud. You know you’re a giant when you can trample the little people like that.


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