My comment to HarperCollins open letter

It seems we will not buy from HarperCollins again…

My comment on HaperCollins open letter

Dear HarperCollins,
I am not a librarian, I am a reader. I have been using Libraries since I was 7 and you can say that I go to a Library once a week.
I read a lot, from libraries.
At the same time, I read a lot, from books that I buy.
I have more than 3000 books, all of them bought by me. I am 34 years old.
I don’t know (face to face) any other person with so many books, but I don’t know (face to face) any other person who uses Libraries as much as I do, either.
In Portugal, we don’t have ebook lending, AFAIK, but I can not express how sad I am to see your attack to libraries, those who taught me to love books.
There is another reason to feel upset with you: I am a great fan of Agatha Christie. I have all her books in Portuguese, some of them in different editions. Last year, I started to buy 1st editions of her books, but of course I can not afford all 1st editions.
So, I decided to make the fac-simile edition collection from HarperCollins (It’s a great thing, the Internet). I have 12, until now. But I won’t buy any other book from this collection. Or any other book from you, until you stop to attack libraries. An attack to a library is an attack to the readers of that library.
It will be hard, but it is the right thing to do. I don’t want to give my money to publishers that make this kind of things to libraries and their readers.

Do you know how many fac-similes of 1st edition are from the Agatha Christie books? Well, that number minus 12 is my argument now.
Tomorrow, I can find another author published by you, and my argument will increase.
Goodbye, HarperCollins, maybe you’ll start to treat your readers with the respect and we’ll meet again.
Until then,
Paula Simoes



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