I will not use Ubuntu Netbook Edition because… I have a Netbook

Ubuntu is a good distro, but now and then, Ubuntu’s developers have strange ideas. The last one is called Unity (on the Netbook Edition).

If you have a netbook, you have a small screen, so you need to maximize the space available for applications, right?

Wrong! Referring to next Ubuntu release:

In Ubuntu Desktop, you will have two small panels, one at the bottom, that you can get rid off, and another at the top, that you can hide when not needed. So, in fact you can have only one small panel, that hides when not needed.

In Ubuntu Netbook Edition, you will have a top small panel and Unity, which is a large panel (it has big icons) on the side of the screen and does not hide!

(you can see some screenshots of Unity here)

Does it make sense to you?


3 thoughts on “I will not use Ubuntu Netbook Edition because… I have a Netbook

  1. I installed the rc today, desktop edition, and then I installed maximus, window picker applet, and deleted the bottom panel to maximize the space.
    The sad thing is that what they had before worked well. I usually install droid ttf font and use 9 instead of the default font at 10, which I find to big for this netbook.
    But I still feel I shouldn’t need to do this, after all I use Ubuntu because of the “out-of-box” thing.


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