Apple: “It’s not us, it’s them”

  • In 2007, Apple said that DRM was bad, that they didn’t like it, but they were forced to use it by authors and publishers. “It’s not us, it’s them”. In 2009, Apple refused the request of an author and a publisher to sell an audiobook without DRM.
  • Recently, iPhone had a problem with the antenna. The Apple approach was to say that users were holding it wrong. “It’s not us, it’s you”.
  • That was not very convincing, so Apple decided to make a webpage showing that other phones had the same problem: “It’s not only us, it’s them too”.
  • For a long time, Apple claimed that jailbreaking iphone was illegal. “It’s not us, it’s the law.” Now, that jailbreaking is legal in USA (at least for three years), Apple still voids your warranty if you do it. And remember, Apple can always release an update to transform your iPhone into a brick. They have done it before.
  • Recently, Apple released a video that “features a parade of high-profile, highly successful developers (…) extolling the wonders of Apple’s SDK and the perils of developing for anybody else.“. The Fortune’s article title is suggestive  “Apple: Write apps for us, not for them!”. The strange thing is that half of the apps mentioned are in Android’s Market too…

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