Organizing papers in Linux: @zotero

Believe it or not: this blog top searches are “papers Linux” and “papers in Linux” and the top post is “Organizing papers in Linux“, written in 2007!

So I decided to update that post with a new one. I use Zotero to organize papers and references in my Linux desktop. Zotero is a plugin to Firefox, that you can install in Linux, Mac OS or Windows.

I have always used Firefox, but if I didn’t I would install it only to use Zotero. This will give you an idea of how much I appreciate this tool.

I have written a more detailed post about Zotero that you can check on EuroMACHS’ blog.

You can follow Zotero on Twitter and install it on Firefox through the website.

With Zotero you can synchronize your papers and references with other computers (or be able to access them online) through Zotero File Storage and you get 100Mb for free. My quota is reaching the limit so I am thinking of buying some more.


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