Two films for the next weekend (without DRM)

So, you know the rule: for each CD, DVD, Ebook that I found with DRM, I’ll post here an alternative free of DRM. A few weeks ago, I didn’t buy Hot Five, Hot Seven CD from Satchmo, because it was from Sony Music (I don’t give money to Sony, which supports DRM), so I decided to share with you two films that do not have DRM, that are in public domain, free and one of them is a master piece of german expressionism.

The first one is Faust: Eine deutsche Volkssage, a 1926 silent movie from F.W. Murnau and his last German production before leaving for Hollywood.

You can see it/download it here.

And if you like it, maybe I could tempt you to read Faust, a Tragedy from Goethe, accessible from Gutenberg Project. I have the fortune of having the paper book, in a Portuguese translation by Agostinho D’Ornellas, revised and annotated by Paulo Quintela and published by University of Coimbra in 1953.

The second film is based on the Agatha Christie’s book And Then There None (original title: Ten Litle Niggers – click to know more about it). Agatha Christie is one of my favorite writers and this book one of her best.

You can see it/download it here.


One thought on “Two films for the next weekend (without DRM)

  1. Nice post. Translated movie titles can be quite confusing, no matter what the source or target language.. Here’s another blog with some more examples:


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