Three Men in a Boat (To say Nothing of the Dog)

So, you know the rule: for each CD, DVD, Ebook that I found with DRM, I’ll post here an alternative free of DRM.

And this post is about one of my favourite authors too: Jerome Klapka Jerome. For now, I recomend you to start with the book I’ve started: Three men in a boat (to say nothing of the dog). One of the funniest books I’ve read.

If you prefer to read it, you can do it in Gutenberg’s page.

If you prefer to hear it, you can download the audiobook in Librivox’s page.

Both without DRM and for free. Yes, for free. 🙂

It is a curious fact, but nobody ever is sea-sick - on land.  At sea, you 
come across plenty of people very bad indeed, whole boat-loads of them; 
but I never met a man yet, on land, who had ever known at all what it was 
to be sea-sick.  Where the thousands upon thousands of bad sailors that 
swarm in every ship hide themselves when they are on land is a mystery. 
- Jerome K. Jerome, "Three men in a boat"

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