Some thoughts

At some point of my life, I thought things would change. At several points of my life, I thought things would change. Everything is evolutional. Sometimes, I think, I was wrong. I was only counting on my own evolution as a person.

I thought that some day people would not discriminate other people with stupid arguments. I though that if people knew, if they had knowledge, they would be nice and great people.

But when I see things like we’ve seen in the american’s elections process, people saying they are democrat but they will not vote for Obama, because his skin has another colour, I just realize that things haven’t change so much.

In my day-to-day life, I found several examples of discrimination. Sometimes, people know they’re wrong, so they don’t talk about it in an open way, but they still discriminate other persons inside and sometimes, just sometimes, that just come out.

I think that it couldn’t be, but it is. How can it be that people who have access to knowledge can act that way?

You know when you were a kid and was always some other kid that was discriminated by colleagues, because it had glasses, or was shy, or didn’t talk much or was a good student or even because another idiot thing? And the colleagues just made him feel so uncomfortable that he started to stay away, by his own will?

I found out that adult people can act the same way. Of course, it is more “elegant”: after the bad things they say, in a way that says “we don’t like you”, they add “Oh, but don’t go away, stay with us” and another says “yeah, this is just a suggestion” and another “of course, sit here and take another beer”.

But how can one expect that a person, that others made feel persona non grata, stay with those people? We can’t.

And in the end, adult people will add “oh well, he went out, because he wanted, we said to him to stay”…

Things haven’t changed.


One thought on “Some thoughts

  1. “…How can it be that people who have access to knowledge can act that way?…”

    funny the number of people that get surprised that way some time in their life. 🙂


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