Patricia Barber in Portugal

Patricia Barber will be in Portugal, on the 3rd of November, at Teatro Camões, to present her new album “The Cole Porter Mix”.

Barber is one of my favourite Jazz singers. I bought “Nightclub”, the best album in my opinion, back in 2000. After that I bought “Live: A Fortnight in France”, in 2004 and I even bought “Mythologies” at iTunes’ store, back in 2006, when I started to realize what DRM is, in its worst way: being unable to listen something I bought.

This new album is from Blue Note, which is owned by EMI, and pro-DRM. So, this means I will not buy this album from Patricia Barber. And I will not go to the concert 😦

You should be carefull with Blue Note’s CD, most of them have DRM (are copy-protected), which means that if you are portuguese you will not be able to rip the CD into mp3, in a legal way.

Of course you can do what Portuguese Law says you to do: ask IGAC for the content. And laugh or cry at their anwsers.


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