The wonderful world of Public Domain Jazz

This weekend I was complaining about the fact that most of the Jazz CD’s at Fnac being from labels pro-DRM. So, Mind Booster Noori decided to offer me a whole CD of Jazz in Public Domain!!! 😀

For each DRM post I try to find some equivalent to free/DRM-free alternative, I decided to write this one after Patricia Barber post.

Well, and you have to agree that Ella Fitzgerald or Thelonious Monk will always be better than Barber 😛

And I am discovering other Jazz players like Fess Williams and his Royal Flush Orchestra with their Hot Town. All aboard!! And singing it! 🙂

All of you can download the CD and the artwork at Noori Records. And make with it whatever you want! If you want you can sign up there too!

Thank you so much, Mind!


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