Organizing papers in Linux

UPDATE: new post about organizing papers in Linux

After reading this post, I decided to write this one just to remember that I have to put my bibliography into bibtex format πŸ˜€

So, you want to organize articles, books or papers? I remember at least two apps for Linux:

Jabref (which I think it can be used in windows too)


Referencer seems pretty close to Yep, but I need to check it.

If you are just looking for an app to organize your books, cd’s or dvd’s (or…) you can give a try on Tellico . If you go to the site, you have other alternatives on your left side πŸ™‚

Recently, I found Aigaion (online organizer), but I need to check it better.


4 thoughts on “Organizing papers in Linux

  1. Nice post! Great hints Thanks.


  2. […] are “papers linux” and “papers in linux” and the top post is “Organizing papers in Linux“, written in […]


  3. Bruno Guerrero

    I recommend you mendeley. It fantastic!


  4. Maybe you want to see my updated post about this issue here:

    I’ve tried Mendeley several times and it was a deception every time.

    And then I’ve found Zotero, and quite frankly, Zotero is the best.

    Besides papers, I need info from webpages (text; video, sound) and in Zotero I can save them, read them offline, take notes and highlight passages.

    Zotero is (now) the best piece of software to my research but thanks for giving a suggestion anyway.


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