#EuroMACHS Applications Requirements

If you want to be part of EuroMACHS, you can apply through University of Coimbra until 30th of April.
Portuguese students can
follow the steps here.
International students should click here, register on the website, choose 2nd Cycle, Organic Unit: Faculty of Humanities,Master Degree on European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society.

EuroMACHS is an European Masters degree in European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society. Check this post to know more about the programme.

Below, you have the requirements with the information about vacancies, application’s deadlines and documentation:

  1. Vacancies
    1. 1st Round of Applications: 5 vacancies
    2. 2nd Round of Applications: 15 vacancies plus the ones that were not fulfilled in the 1st phase
    3. 3rd Round of Applications: vacancies that were not fulfilled in the previous phases
    4. Extra Round of Applications: vacancies that were not fulfilled in the previous phases
  2. Minimum number of students to open the programme: 6 students
  3. Applications deadlines:
    1. 1st Round of Applications: 15th of March to 30th of April 2014
    2. 2nd Round of Applications: 1st of June to 15th of July 2014
    3. 3rd Round of Applications: 15th of August to 5th of September 2014
    4. Extra Round of Applications: 15th to 31st of September 2014
  4. Requirements of Admission:
    1. Degree in History, Art History, Archeology or a degree from the area of Cultural Heritage
    2. The applicant should be fluent in English (written and spoken) and should have basic computer skills.
    3. The applicants should attach to the application form the certificates that prove these qualifications
    4. Applicants with a degree in another area can apply if they demonstrate adequate educational, scientific or professional training
  5. Evaluation of Applicants
    1. Degree classification (factor: 5/10)
    2. Curriculum Vitae (factor: 4/10)
    3. Applicant’s motivation (factor: 1/10)
  6. Documentation needed
    1. Copy of National Identification Card or Passport
    2. Motivation letter explaining why the applicant wants to apply
    3. Curriculum Vitae in the Europass format (https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu)
    4. Degree certificate with the final grade
    5. Certificate with the approved classes and their grades
    6. If the applicant already made some classes of an equivalent degree and wants those classes to be credit, the applicant should attach a document with the number of hours taken and the grades of those class
    7. Regarding International Students, these documents should be authenticated by the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in the origin country or with the  Hague Apostille Convention
    8. If these documents are not in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English, they should be translated to Portuguese by a translator recognised by the Portuguese Diplomatic Representation
  7. Fee per year: 1250€
  8. Inscription as part time student: yes
  9. Selection Board: Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho
  10. Other Informations:
    1. In 2014-15, the University of Cologne will not offer the programme
    2. These programme of studies opens every second year
    3. Application fee: 50€
    4. Online applications: https://inforestudante.uc.pt/nonio/security/candidaturas.do
    5. More info: euromachs@gmail.com; euromachs@fl.uc.pt

#MobileApp of the Week: JiTT, Your Personal Tour Guide to #Heritage (#Creativity #Innovation #EuroMACHS)

If you travel for business, you probably already experienced those situations where you have a free hour (or more), because you are waiting for the next meeting, because the meeting ended sooner or you need to wait to get your flight. And you probably already thought (as I did) that it would be great if you could know what is around you worth seeing or visiting.

Even if you travel for leisure, and you got your trip planned, you would probably like to know if there something interesting to see around the place you planned to visit. Or maybe you don’t like too much planning when traveling :-)

Either way, you’ll need Just in Time Tourist (JiTT). Download the app at home, before traveling, or through Wi-Fi (the app is large because once abroad you’ll not need any Internet).


After that, just open up JiTT, tell it how much time do you have, if you want to return to the place you are or not and if you want to visit only exteriors, interiors or both, put your headphones on and let JiTT guide you through the city. JiTT designs a route taking into account the info you gave it, the opening hours of the places (if you choose interiors) and the public transportation, if you need it.

All of this is done through audio. You can still listen to your music because when arriving at the locations, JiTT will stop the music and will start to tell you all about the place you’re seeing.

The best feature of JiTT is that the content is carefully crafted by Historians, so you can be sure of its high quality and accuracy.

The apps are created by iClio, a company created by former EuroMACHS‘ students, with the aim of meeting the growing demand for high quality content by creating products which provide a gratifying experience tuned to the capabilities of new devices and media channels.

You can find JiTT for Android and iOS in its beautiful website. Right now, there are guides for Barcelona, London, Rome and Paris, in several languages, but more cities are on the way. Already considered one of the best touristic guides for smartphones, JiTT is the new investment from Portugal Ventures.

So, if you’re traveling don’t forget to take JiTT with you. You’ll never know when you’ll have a couple of hours that can turn your (business) trip into an unforgettable experience…

[PT] Dia da Liberdade Documental celebrado amanhã no ISCTE

No próximo dia 29 de Março de 2014, a Comunidade LibreOffice Portugal, a ANSOL e o Mestrado em Software de Código Aberto do ISCTE celebram o Dia da Liberdade Documental (Document Freedom Day) e convidam-te, bem como aos teus amigos a estarem presentes. A celebração deste dia regista-se no mundo inteiro, sendo que pode decorrer entre os dias 22 e 30 de Março.


  • 14h – 18h Palestras e Debates
    • 14h-14h30 // Prof. Carlos Costa e Rui Seabra – Painel de Abertura
    • 14h30-15h // Alexandre Marreiros (html5pt.org) – HTML5 and the new Web Order
    • 15h-15h30 // Sérgio Prazeres (use.com.pt) – Sistemas de Informação Geográfica em formatos Livres
    • 15h30-16h // Tiago Carrondo (ubuntu-pt.org) – Formação com Software Livre
    • 16h-16h30 // Ana Branco (ama.pt) – [a definir]
    • 16h30-17h // Adriano Afonso (libreoffice.pt) – Manual TIC e LibreOffice
    • 17h-18h // Debate – Documentação e CMS’s


Evento no Facebook | Evento no Google+

Data: Sábado, 29 Março, 2014 – 14:00 to 18:00
Local: ISCTE, Auditório B204

Mapa e mais info no site da ANSOL

Applications Open for EuroMACHS International Master Degree #Creativity #Heritage #Innovation #New Media

EuroMACHS master degree was created to deal with the demand for a new type of heritage professional:

First cycle graduates in Humanites that wish to develop a versatile combination of knowledge, skills and competences that will allow them to communicate both with content specialists and technological experts to create, design, plan and manage effectively complex projects for the multimedia industry, cultural institutions and governmental agencies.

EuroMACHS is a joint international Master Degree in European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society, between the University of Coimbra, in Portugal, the University of Salento in Italy, the University of Turku in Finland and the University of Graz in Austria. Each of these universities bring to EuroMACHS their expertise, either through the common online seminar or through the students exchange.

The students complete the first semester in their university of enrollment. In the second semester, they can go to one of the other universities, depending on their own research interests. Thus, if your are interested in:

  • Computer games and multimedia products based on historical content, you’ll probably choose Coimbra;
  • Geographic information systems applied to History and Heritage, you’ll prefer to choose Salento;
  • E-leaning on the fields of Heritage and History, Heritage and Digital Culture, then you’ll want to go to Turku;
  • Historical information and documentation science, your choice will be Graz.

You can check the several classes and optional paths in this page.

In the last two semesters, students return to their universities of enrollment to write their theses. During this last year, students can also have the opportunity to make an internship. This will allow the student to gain a more insightful view of the professional context.

EuroMACHS is committed to prepare the students for the working context. At University of Coimbra, during the second semester, students have a project management’s class, where they will be part of the process of the creation of a digital product related with heritage. This can be a mobile app, a film, a 3D digital reconstruction, a series of podcasts, etc.

EuroMACHS has been cited as an example of creativity and innovation, by the European Commission, and as an example of best practices, by EPOCH, a network of excellence in open cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the master had already a spin-off: iClio, a company dedicated to the creation and publication of content related to History, Heritage and Culture, was created by former EuroMACHS’ students.

If you want to be part of EuroMACHS, you can apply through University of Coimbra until 30th of April.
Portuguese students can follow the steps here.
International students should click here, register on the website, choose 2nd Cycle, Organic Unit: Faculty of Humanities,Master Degree on European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society.

Questions and guidance can be asked through email (euromachs@fl.uc.pt), Facebook or Twitter.

Anniversary: Charles Dickens Books to Download #PublicDomain ♥

Charles Dickens facsimile

Charles Dickens facsimile

Charles Dickens was born on this day, in 1812, and his works are in Public Domain. This means you can download them freely and even build upon them.

Below is a list (based on Wikipedia) with links to Dickens’ works. It is not complete, because I couldn’t find some of them. If you know their availability, I’ll be more than happy to add the link.

So, don’t panic and read on…


Short Stories

Christmas Short Stories

Collaborative Works

Short story collections

Nonfiction, poetry, and plays

Remember: #DRM is never good news

DRM locks Books

If you like to read ebooks, you should read this post, get scared, then read the update (both from the Nate Hoffelder’s excellent blog), then think.

So, the story goes like this: Adobe decided to upgrade their DRM and to force everyone (ebookstores, app and device makers) to do the upgrade by July 2014, meaning that lots of readers would not be able to access the books they bought, anymore. Adobe’s clients (ebook stores, app and device makers) made some noise, so Adobe decided to “revise the migration timetable for customers“.

Nate starts his second post with “good news”. It is not good news. Moving the problem forward is not good news. Sooner or later, you’ll loose your DRMed ebooks, because sooner or later DRM companies will change their technology. And doesn’t matter if we talk about Adobe, Apple, Amazon or Google, because none of these companies will take you into consideration unless they expect you to give them more money.

Demand DRM-free ebooks. And while at that, tell European Commission you don’t want DRM (deadline 5th March 2014).

Património & Direitos de Autor


O próximo workshop do projecto CreativeCH (Creative Cultural Heritage) vai ter lugar no próximo dia 18, em Florença, como pré-evento da reputada conferência “Museums and the Web”. O tema deste workshop são os direitos de autor e o património cultural.

Gostaria de vos convidar a registar e a participar no CHIEF, o fórum do CreativeCH, onde poderão colocar o vosso ponto de vista sobre esta temática.

O primeiro post que colocarem tem de ser aprovado, por causa do spam, mas a aprovação é relativamente rápida e a partir daí não será mais necessário.